About us

Šiauliai Dainai progymnasium is an educational institution that implements the programs of preschool, primary education and the I part of basic education, successfully operating since 1977. 

The vision of the progymnasium is a modern, attractive, open to innovations, cooperative and leading progymnasium that supports a culture of responsibility, which strives for the growth of each student's personality. 

The mission of the progymnasium is to provide high-quality preschool, primary and the I part of basic education, enabling leadership and volunteering, educating a responsible personality, and creating a modern and safe learning environment. 


  • responsibility; 
  • self-respect and respect for others; 
  • personality growth; 
  • openness to innovation. 


  • MES (WE) (our essence in strength) - are powerful! 


In the 2022-2023 school year, 939 students are studying at the progymnasium. 58 teachers teach students in grades 1-8, and 5 pedagogues educate children in preschool education groups. Pedagogical psychological support is provided by 8 student support specialists and 9 teacher’s assistants. A career specialist and 26 non-pedagogical employees work in the progymnasium. The school is headed by the principal Asta Vaičiūnienė, who is assisted by 2 deputies, 2 heads of the education departments and a head of the non-formal education department. 

Progymnasium strengths: 

  1. High academic achievements of students. 
  2. Educators of high competence. 
  3. High-quality and innovative holistic education of students, integrating STEAM and project activities. 
  4. A modern, attractive, and ICT-equipped educational environment adapted to students' learning, leisure and relaxation needs. 
  5. Effective leadership of educators and a culture of responsibility. 
  6. Strong community and responsible working together. 

Leadership and culture of responsibility:

  1. Modern, attractive, and IT-equipped educational environment; 
  2. Student motivation and evidence of high-quality education; 
  3. A sense of community; 
  4. Competent pedagogues; 
  5. Holistic education 

The uniqueness of the progymnasium: 

1. High-quality personalized education, teaching how to solve life problems, developing creative abilities, and helping everyone experience learning success. 

2. Application of modern information technologies in the STEAM process. 

3. Synergy of scientific knowledge and self-expression in art. 

4. Safe, modern, and attractive learning environment. 

5. Strong self-guidance of the progymnasium: Progymnasium Council, Teachers' Council, Pupils' Council, Parents' Council. 

6. High-quality, experiential, innovative education (applying the NŽP (WKA - want, know, apply) model. 

7. A culture of lifelong learning in the community. 

8. Active participation in international, country, and city projects. 

9. High education quality culture based on data analysis and self-evaluation. 

10. A variety of non-formal education programs. 

11. The PATS model of class community meetings focused on the miscellaneous development of the student's competencies. 

12. MAP model (student’s personal progress) for promoting students’ personal progress. 

13. Early diagnosis of gifted students and proper design of further learning. 

14. Effective educational support and inclusive education. 

15. Positive values and fostering a healthy lifestyle. 

In Šiauliai Dainai progymnasium, students' competencies are developed responsibly and qualitatively, taking into account the needs and progress of personality growth. The educational content is adapted and individualized, creating opportunities for students of different abilities to experience learning success and express themselves in various activities. Cooperation between students, teachers, and parents (guardians, caregivers) is developed, and students' self-expression is encouraged. New teaching environments are constantly being created, where active teaching methods are applied, that help highlight and develop the individual abilities of students.  

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